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Employee Stories

  • Florence, Head of Investment Consulting Switzerland, Coutts Products and Services

    I joined Coutts back in 1998; I’d previously worked as a Portfolio Manager for UHNW clients at one of Switzerland’s largest bank, following a graduate training program and a short experience in Private Banking. After 5 years, when I was looking to move to another bank I actually had quite a few offers from other financial institutions but I really liked the idea of working for one of the most prestigious names in UK private banking. Even though RBS Coutts stands amongst the largest foreign banks in Switzerland, the Geneva operation is relatively small and retains a true ‘family’ feel, which I really enjoyed after coming from one of the largest wealth managers in the world. As an investment professional, the highly competitive investment offering as well as the robust and disciplined investment process were equally determinant to my choice.

    I’m head of the investment consulting business in Switzerland, which has teams in Geneva and Zurich. Our role, as investment specialists, is to partner with the Private Bankers to identify and structure the best investment solutions for our clients. This involves a lot of client meetings and business trips, as well as promoting the bank’s range of investment capabilities and educating prospective clients and private bankers as to our investment services and offerings.

    Over the past five years we’ve had an average of over 1000 client meetings per year, each of which leads to meeting a different set of complex needs, depending on the individual. In addition to travelling to the various markets that we cover – the UK, Middle East, South Africa and Cayman Islands – there’s a strong managerial aspect to my role. As well as helping my team develop themselves I also have to keep myself informed on markets, strategy, investment opportunities, macro-economic environment and competitive landscape which are essential to my job. I really enjoy this complete absence of routine; dealing with such a wide range of clients can be challenging, as can the changing Swiss Private Banking landscape, but I still manage to strike a good balance between my career and my life outside of work.

  • Gail, Senior Private Banker, RBS Coutts

    I’ve worked within the Swiss banking industry for around 14 years now, joining RBS Coutts in Zurich in October 2007. As a Senior Private Banker within the Asian markets, I’m able to use the professional experience I’ve gained alongside my deep knowledge of the local cultures and markets that my division covers. This involves meeting and working with a very wide range of people both internally and externally, and I’m always working on creative new ways of extending our business relationships even further. A lot of my working life is spent in client meetings, reviewing portfolios and looking for the best solutions for that client, depending on their needs or risk level. Additionally, there’s an international aspect to the role; I travel from time to time to meet stakeholders and clients face-to-face, and to extend the banks international reach into the these markets.

    My division handles a great deal of work in some unique market environments, but I’m always given the freedom to perform and take control of my business areas. There’s no micro-management here; everyone puts trust in each other’s expertise, and we’re also offered the training to extend our skills even further. It’s thanks to this that my team and I are able to work closely with such a broad range of clients, and collaborate with them to help put the market on a firm and solid footing.

  • Fabien, Private Bankers Assistant, RBS Coutts

    I joined RBS Coutts back in December 2007 after working as a Project Manager within the Health department of the State of Geneva. I was looking for an opportunity to work in the private sector, and I knew that the Private Banking division at Coutts had a great reputation as well as an international business reach. Using my language skills was important to me in my career, and working with such a wide range of clients here at Coutts certainly gives me that chance. It was my ambition to eventually become a Private Banker, but with little or no financial background, my role as an assistant is naturally guiding me into that position.

    Initially, I helped the Private Banking team with the simpler tasks that they face on a day-to-day basis, but with time I learned to deal with the more complicated actions that a banker faces. I’ve been able to learn and develop at my own pace but at the same time have experienced a busy workplace, handling transactions and customers for a wide range of backgrounds.

    For me, a typical day can involve handling all of the previous day’s transactions, preparing all of the transfers ordered by the customer, and executing stock exchange orders and keeping the client informed of what’s happening with their money. I also manage some of the bank’s administrative and compliance requirements, so I get to experience both sides of Private Banking. It can be really rewarding to meet with the customers face to face, because they always have something interesting to say and they let you into their lives; building and strengthening that trust is absolutely key to being successful as a Private Banker. And to get to that position, I know I’m in the right place and working with the right people. Thanks to the help of those around me, I’m able to develop all the required skills and learn on the job how to put them into practice. My colleagues push me to reach the same milestones that they faced, and always have time to personally teach me on a one-to-one basis, which I really appreciate.

  • Simon, Senior Legal Counsel, RBS Coutts

    Before I joined RBS Coutts as a Senior Legal Counsel in October 2007, I worked as a Lawyer in a private practice, but I was attracted to a career within the RBS group because of the multinational size and scope of their operations. In my role I’m involved in all sorts of legal aspects of the private banking environment; my work can cover areas such as HR matters, special projects in contract negotiations and large transactions, finance matters, new product launches, regulatory aspects and litigation cases. In addition to all of that, I am the line manager for seven members of the Legal team of RBS Coutts in Switzerland. It’s thanks to this combination of managerial responsibility and a broad range of legal activities that I’m able to work alongside such a wide range of people from different backgrounds, while benefiting from a real depth of legal knowledge.

    I think I’m fortunate that I couldn’t say what a typical day is for me. The variety and breadth of work can be challenging at times as every case is individual. The political aspect of working in a bank of this size was a new direction for me and brought a new level of complexity to my role, but it’s allowed me to work alongside some really interesting and talented people. Throughout my time at RBS I’ve received all the in-house training and support that I’ve needed to get to where I am, and wherever my career path takes me I know I’m in the right place to make the most of every opportunity.

  • Phillip, Treasurer, RBS Coutts

    I’ve worked in banking for over 20 years now, joining the RBS group in November 2009. Having gained a long and experienced career within the treasury and dealing world, I knew that Coutts had a well-respected name in this field, so when a job opportunity presented itself, I knew it was the right move for me. Throughout my career I’ve learned that you need to be open minded to succeed in banking, as well as being disciplined and be able to show ‘joined-up thinking’, which are skills that have helped me in my work with Coutts. People may think this profession can be very serious and stuffy, but having worked in finance as long as I have, I know that there’s room for humour in the Treasury and dealing world, which really helps.

    I’m the Head of Banking Products & Treasury, which means that I am the guardian of the balance sheet, looking after the bank’s capital and liquidity, as well as handling security dealing, foreign exchange and money markets. I really love working with the markets, knowing that my work changes every day as the world changes – and of course no two clients are the same, so my role has a great deal of variety. Day to day, my responsibilities include the treasury function including capital and liquidity management, dealing floor, meeting clients, as well as people management to look after the team. As well as the markets aspect, that’s what I enjoy most about my role – working closely with a wide range of staff, and helping them get the same level of enjoyment from their work as I get from mine.

  • Andrzej Holub - Finance Service Manager

    I’m a relative newcomer to RBS, having joined in July 2010, but I’ve worked in various financial institutions in Poland. Before joining RBS I worked within a Global Transition team, supporting a wide range of business partners in establishing their financial and accounting operations throughout Europe. Within that European network I’d help them design their target operating models, implement metrics systems and support them throughout the knowledge transfer periods. Thanks to the exposure that role had given me I knew of RBS as being one of the world’s most powerful financial brands despite not being very well known in Poland. Surprisingly, that’s what attracted me to the role here – the challenge of being part of an organisation that’s still developing and working in a fast paced environment.

    I’m currently leading the Enablement team here in Poland, which was established to facilitate the planned growth of GBM Finance in Warsaw. In my role I get to work with a wide range of different people, and alongside colleagues in London my team and I are part of a wider Finance Transformation programme. We work in an ever-changing environment, and it’s down to us to identify the kind of opportunities this creates and recommend potential solutions to our business partners. I’m from a consulting background which helps me see these opportunities as they arise, advise businesses on what will work for their individual needs and recommend best practice to them. Being flexible is absolutely key in this kind of role as the scope of my team’s role is changing all the time. I like the independence that my team is afforded, and the fact that even the very senior people I work with are ready to listen to ideas and suggestions.

  • Anna Dawidziuk - Senior Analyst/CBD/AML Ops

    My route into RBS was probably not the usual career path to work in a financial institution. Before joining the bank, I’d studied astronomy at Warsaw University. I’m a very curious person and always look for new experiences. At the end of my studies, I worked as a flight attendant with a Polish airline and spent eight months flying all over Europe and seeing new countries. I’d always been interested in a career in banking, and when I came across a job advertisement for a nine-month project in the operations division, once again I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and joined the PEP team, which turned out to be a great decision as it’s become the perfect working environment for me. The initial project I worked on allowed me to observe the formation of working processes and how these become part of the overall business.

    From my first role within the PEP team I moved into the North America team which was responsible for due diligence for new customers and implementing new processes. I learned a lot about AML in this time and wanted to continue my career path within this area and eventually applied for my current role as a senior analyst. My core role now is to check the work of a team of analysts and approve periodic reviews on behalf of our customers. Because of my previous experience in process building, alongside the other team leaders and senior analysts I’m able to have a big impact on the way the analyst teams work, which makes a real change to the service they provide. Day to day my role involves having a lot of patience as the process I implement are new to a lot of people, but I get to meet new friends and colleagues all the time which is great. If I could summarise it all, I’d say RBS has made me a more open person, and really focused on cooperation.

  • Anna Urbanska - Head of Operations

    Before joining RBS in February 2008 I worked in the retail operations departments of various banks, mainly in management roles. When the team I was working in merged with the RBS group, we had a really warm welcome from the bank and soon had a clear picture of the values that are so important at RBS. Having worked in many operations teams previously, I’d always been ambitious to lead my own department and worked my way up to deputy before becoming Head of Operations. My role, and the work of my department has so many areas that we can influence, improve on and create initiatives that every day brings something new. It always feels that we’re adding to the current status of how RBS is operating.

    My days are generally made up of meetings with the management team, contacts within the wider business, one to one meetings with line managers, meetings with Staff and also many conference calls with new/existing business contacts. To me, flexibility and an open minded approach are important attributes for my work, along with the ability to make important decisions that can impact across the business. I still feel that I’m learning every day, and the nature of my role means that I’m always improving my people skills and influencing skills. In the future, I’d like to get some international experience in my career, and its great knowing that I’m in the right place to do that.

  • Magdalena Dynowska - Senior Product Controller

    Prior to joining the RBS Group in June 2009, I had been working for an insurance firm in Germany when a role became available with RBS in Warsaw, I found the job description really interesting, so decided to apply. The job promised a lot of travelling whilst working with analysis and derivatives which matched my previous experience. On top of this, a good friend of mine was already working for RBS, so I knew that as an employer they offered a lot to their staff, and there was a lot of opportunity to build a successful career. I wasn’t disappointed – I really love the travelling aspect, and get to visit London quite frequently, and I get to meet a lot of interesting new people.

    As a Senior Product Controller, my main responsibilities are centred around quarterly reporting. A typical day really depends on how close we are to the reporting period, and can range between being nice and calm in the days following a report, to being very hectic as we prepare the data, reports and templates in the lead up to reporting at the quarter end. I spend the reporting period in London, and there’s always a lot of work to be done in a short period of time. But the working environment is always very friendly, even when the pressure is on, so even though these periods can be challenging, it’s always enjoyable. And thanks to RBS, I’ve been able to develop my career into leading a team, which is something new to me. At the moment I have a team of two, but in time I know there are opportunities available to expand this part of my role through leadership training programmes.

  • Nelson Bartsch - Team Leader, Banking Operations

    I came from Brazil to Poland in 2002. For a few years after I arrived here I worked in a variety of jobs – teaching Portuguese, repairing computers for non-Polish speakers, and even opening a Brazilian restaurant in Warsaw – before finding a job with a Financial Services company where I worked for four years. After this, I joined ABN AMRO which soon became part of RBS. The integration into the new RBS Financial department felt like a fresh start as they welcomed us into the RBS way of doing things and I really welcomed the new way of thinking as it really fitted with the way I work.

    My RBS story began in the Financial department where I stayed for two years, but after this time I wanted to stop working in such a specialist area and take a wider look at the business. As the Banking Operations team leader, I need not only to understand the business side, but to ensure that the people who make that business work are motivated to achieve an overall vision while being valued as individuals. Each person is unique, and even if the goals are the same for the group, I wanted to use my skills in leading people, solving conflicts and helping the team work together. I could divide my working day into chapters; logistical, motivational, technical, the customer, management, leadership and staff satisfaction. Day to day, each of these chapters can be longer or shorter, but all are always taken into account. And by leading and working with a brilliant group of people, I get the chance to constantly build something new as our business is always changing. We’ve even won awards and business recognition for the team – the Reward & Recognition for Leadership in 2010 as well as being named as the Top Customer Service Team, which was a great honour for me.

  • Arletta Korzeniowska - Product Controller

    My adventure with RBS began back in 2007. Product controller with RBS was my first permanent job after graduating in Economics from the University of Commerce and Law in Warsaw, and I moved from there into the finance department in 2008 and I’m still part of that team now. As a product controller, most of my daily work involves cooperating with the London product control team to provide ongoing support in resolving any issues with London Finance, IT and front office, particularly focusing on independent price verification processes for a range of financial instruments. I really enjoy the complexity and variety that comes with my day to day work, and it’s great to know that my role makes the best of all my attributes. I think the role of product controller is most suited to people with analytical skills, which is definitely something that I’d learned during my Economics degree.

    My job requires a can-do attitude at all times, as well as the ability to communicate with a range of people while staying focused on the details. You need to be a team player as working collaboratively is really important, but also need to be self reliant when necessary and be able to work under your own steam. But above all, it was definitely the people that attracted me to a career with RBS. I believe that a friendly atmosphere and positive relationships are the starting point for success, both for the individuals and for the organisation. It’s great that everyone here receives really strong support and recognition from the bank not just for a job well done, but also who we all are as people.

  • Marloes, Security & Risk Co-Ordination Officer

    I guess I took a rather unusual path. Well, let’s say working at a bank wasn’t the most logical option during my studies in Criminology. In fact it wasn’t until my graduation I even thought about the possibility of working for a bank. The trigger was a friend who kept on being extraordinarily positive about working at RBS and at some point she told me about Security & Fraud, my Department’s name back then. After a bit of research I became more and more interested. So much so, that I asked my friend to introduce me to HR. And my enthusiasm never stopped growing.

    Within the Security & Risk Department I am responsible for Security Culture & Awareness. We review intelligence and share this across the bank. It’s the job of my team to prevent fraud and stay one step ahead of any threat to RBS’s activities. Every day we have to be more and more innovative and progressive. What I love most about my job is working in a truly international environment, meeting high demands, working with so many different people and travelling too.

    My work requires a lot of freedom and RBS is able to provide that. RBS wants me to develop, and it’s up to me to take the initiative every day. I set my own goals and together we define what goals we can achieve in the future. RBS knows that my personal growth is important for the group in the Netherlands. The confidence my managers have in me is really stimulating and they keep setting me new challenges. Working here is truly exciting. And it will be even more exciting to find out what the future holds.

  • Jennifer, Head of Client Service Team for Trade and Related Products

    I joined RBS as a management trainee and have been enjoying working here ever since. RBS is globally present with many appealing business areas. I wanted to develop myself and improve my ‘soft skills’ including people management. RBS gave me the opportunity to manage the Payment Investigation team of 19 people. More than I had asked for but I took the challenge.

    I took on a new role in November 2010, heading the Client Service Team for Trade and related products. My responsibilities are to ensure all customer enquiries and requests are picked up, answered and solved in a satisfactory way. Helping a customer and analysing the route from initial request or enquiry to the final solution helps us to improve our services. In February 2011 I was given the opportunity to lead an additional team: Customer Trade Advisory. This team consists of SME’s and trade professionals who tackle the more complex deals and issues for our Clients.

    In my former role I worked closely with foreign markets like Poland and India. In my new role, this won’t be any different. Most of the everyday client requests will be handled in Chennai, so there will be lots of contact with India. That’s how I like it, lot’s of variety. At RBS they provide me with a rewarding and challenging environment. My advice to you: if you’re given the chance, go for it.

  • Cornelis, Head of Global Finance Services, NL

    I am RBS’s Head of Global Finance Services in the Netherlands. I’m at the centre of dealing with all the important information of interest to our stakeholders and my team consists of about 125 people worldwide. Together we are responsible for the collection, analysis and consolidation of all relevant information and finance reporting. On top of that we provide management information to all RBS’s global businesses. The analytical and management qualities this function requires make the job very demanding. But the kick my team and I get from getting the job done, is a big reward.

    I really love to be working in a large, international organisation like RBS. Having been here for 20 years, I’ve seen it become the multinational it is right now. I joined in 1988, right after my studies in Business Economics. In recent years that’s put a lot of‘change projects’ on my agenda. We are creating a modern bank set for the future. Change projects are sometimes complicated, but there is always a solution. The challenge is to maintain control and never give in on the quality of the information we deliver

    I get true satisfaction out of managing a big international team. We have senior stakeholders in London and Edinburgh and an offshore team in India. I’m very happy with the role I have and it’s not hard to see the opportunities such an international network offers me. So I look forward to my future at RBS.

  • Jasper, Head of Implementation Management, Global Client Service

    I am Head of Implementation Management within Global Client Service in the Netherlands. Throughout my career it has become clear to me that project management in combination with client contact is what I really like and enjoy the most. The combination of managing a team and a project is fulfilling. It’s always such a reward to get recognition after the completion of a successful project. And when a team works well, the projects work well.

    Teamwork, that’s what makes my job great. I have the drive to get the most out of every situation and every individual. When it comes to managing project teams, we strive to push the limits to get the best results for our clients. In my personal life I like to push the boundaries too. I’m a keen sportsman. A mountain biker, in fact. The preparation for a race has a lot in common with setting up a project. Preparation is the key. So proper training and the right equipment are crucial. And during a race you have to make sure you’re making the right decisions and keep an eye on your competitors. I approach my projects the same way. My personal objective is to get the maximum out of myself, and hopefully inspire others around me to do the same.

    The character of the organisation offers great opportunities. If you show dedication and commitment, RBS is willing to invest in you. With the support of my management I have recently completed a dissertation focusing on translating strategy into ‘day-to-day’ work, thereby finalising my MBA.. If you have the ambition to really grow, you will here.

  • Pedro, Head of Complex Queries and Escalations

    As Head of Complex Queries and Escalations, I am currently managing a Client Services Team that provides support to RBS Clients across Europe, including Electronic Banking, Payments & Collections & Netting.

    My career spans very different aspects of the banking industry. I started as an IT specialist, almost twenty years ago, followed by two years in the dealing room as spot dealer and afterwards I’ve managed the Solution Delivery job for Southern Europe. After this I moved from Portugal to the Netherlands to work as an Implementation Officer and shortly afterwards I joined the Global Product Acceptance team within GTS Global Client Service organization. You might say I love new challenges.

    We are living in challenging and changing times and this requires awareness, dedication, speed, pro-activeness and understanding to better serve our clients. RBS’s pro-active culture facilitates this. With a strong ‘can-do attitude’, I see a bright future at RBS!

    I’m very proud of what I do and the beauty of my job is to manage a team of top specialist who can answer almost every Cash Management related question (in several different languages) coming from internal and external clients. With the skills and competencies we have, we turn negative situations into positive experiences for our clients.

    Clients always come first and sometimes it’s a challenge when we have to resolve issues under circumstances beyond of our control.

    We’re motivated by the phrase: ‘The answer is yes! What’s your question?’

  • Mattias, Senior Process Manager

    I’ve always enjoyed working in Change Management. It gives me the opportunity to affect the world around me. As a Senior Process Manager at RBS, I’m at the heart of where change and improvements happen. The client is central to everything I do. And my background in Client Services, Risk Management, Client Integration and Process Management certainly helps. You have to be service-minded, flexible and always on the lookout for improvement.

    I work with individuals with very different interests, views, personalities and lifestyles and it’s given me a wealth of perspectives. It often teaches me new ways of doing things, which is vital for my role. It’s really important to be adaptable and open minded in this ever-changing environment.

    What I like about RBS is that we employ the right people in our organisation to take on tomorrow’s challenges. Not only my direct colleagues, but also the Senior Management. Everybody is talented and inspiring and I’m coached and supported in many ways. Soon we will be offered additional Process Management training and this shows true commitment to development.

    RBS is known for its dedication to developing careers. If you go for it, the possibilities can be endless. The business culture is fun, people are open-minded, and when a decision is taken, it’s full speed ahead.

  • Miryam, Lawyer, Global Legal Counsel for Lending & Restructuring

    I trained as a lawyer but then became a banker. Well, a lawyer at RBS to be precise. In the Global Legal Counsel for Lending & Restructuring. My international exposure is constant as I’m always working on cross-border cases. In my previous role I was spending time in New York, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney and Hong Kong. The travel and international aspect is exciting but I enjoy working with extremely clever people on complex cases even more.

    International lending and restructuring is interesting. It raises many legal questions - nothing is a given. It requires creative and innovative solutions. I enjoy the range of challenging cases on which I work. It’s always interesting and varied which helps me develop personally and professionally.

    RBS develops its people through education. Quarterly training to keep up to scratch but also continuous feedback, so you really learn and improve on the go. My native language is Spanish, but I’m fluent in English and speak conversational Dutch and French.

    Working in RBS’s international network means understanding different cultures and sensitivities and different ways of working. It keeps me open-minded. I’ve been working in the Netherlands since 1999 but who knows what my future will look like. There are so many possibilities and opportunities with RBS.

  • Linda, Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodoties

    I currently work within Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodoties within Markets & International Banking in the Netherlands. After graduating from university, I took a trainee role in a bank in the Netherlands, working in the Operations department of their Sourcing and Vendor Management division. I spent around a year supporting the Sourcing Managers and subsequently went to London to set up an Operations team over there. I already knew of RBS by their reputation and their strong Sourcing and Vendor Management capabilities, so when an opportunity arose to join RBS’ Dutch team, I jumped at the chance.

    I’m a very ambitious person, and after a period of working within the relatively small team in Amsterdam, a meeting with the Business Manager of the CEO in the Netherlands led to another job offer. For almost two years I was exposed to all the various business units and departments – it was a real challenge, because I experienced first-hand what goes into building up a new franchise, which was a great learning experience.

    One of the best things about a career with RBS is the encouragement you get to create your own career path. Thanks to that, I enrolled in the Markets Graduate Programme – so while I was a trainee again, I am now much more experienced!

    I did not have a financial background before working with RBS, but they recognised the enthusiasm that their people have. Now, depending on what role I end up within Markets, it’s likely I’ll be travelling more between Amsterdam and London to meet with the sales and trading colleagues there. The RBS culture is all about working hard, taking accountability and being the best at what you do, and that’s what drives me every single day. Not to mention all the women in leading roles. Just give me a few more years!

  • Martijn, Director, Corporate Risk Solutions

    I am a Director in Corporate Risk Solutions for RBS in the Netherlands. Previously, I’d been working in Hong Kong in a Corporate Risk Solutions team.

    Before my working life started I’d been a student at the Free University of Amsterdam, so when my ex-pat term came to an end, joining RBS in a city that I knew well felt like a natural move. I joined the RBS Corporate Risk Solutions department within Global Banking and Markets (GBM) as part of a team of derivative specialists. We advise corporate clients on financial market risks – things like interest rate or currency risks that their businesses may face – and we help them protect themselves against these risks and develop solutions to stabilise their cash flow.

    I’ve always found working in a dealing room environment exciting, and it’s always been one of my career choices; after graduating, part of my traineeship was specifically designed for a position on the trading floor. Now I work within fast-moving financial markets, handling large transactions for a wide range of customers, and closing deals, sometimes under pressure, to ensure I get the results my clients expect. RBS offers a lot of strong product capabilities, so I appreciate having the tools at my disposal to navigate a competitive, complex market place. It’s important to keep cool under pressure, but it’s fantastically rewarding when a project that’s taken months of structuring and preparation ends in a successful transaction.

    There’s a great working culture here. Ideas and information are always shared throughout the teams as we’re all working towards similar goals; the insight of fellow colleagues can make a real difference in providing the sort of service that our clients expect. It’s great to be part of a bank that’s working really hard to become the bank of choice for the Netherlands. If you have the ambition and a strong business proposition, at RBS you have the opportunity to achieve it.


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